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Who We Are


The services we offer include residential and commercial interior & architecture, property development, and design consultation.

Our Expertise

We deliver Architectural and interior services to the commercial and residential sector including design consultation and land refinement. The commercial design also includes corporate sector design ( Interior design for offices).Our state of the art tools and techniques along with our highly skilled staff helps you to envisage your project in Real-time 3D.

Our Experience

Director Ali Al Murtaza has above 9 years of combined industry experience. Design wills is fully insured and indemnified.


G-45 Ashiana Shopping Centre Main Boulevard Gulberg III-Lahore, we don’t consider ourselves confined geographically. Our interior design website, pliable working hours and your approach to internet can take us around to globe.

Our Team

Ali Al Murtaza

Chief Executive Officer

Design wills Firm is one of the best interior designers in Lahore. He gives credence to work revolves around operational comprehension. The firm’s main conviction is to provide the best designs at most affordable rates. Established in 2019, the interior design company Design Wills is vigorously established in the lead of the architectural market in Lahore. Their projects range from simple residential designs to hospitality and commercial interiors all around Pakistan. He has been working for the last 7 years in the field of architecture, interior, construction, and execution. He has expertise in architectural designs, working drawings, layouts, 3D interiors, exterior design with an unyielding grasp on 3D visualization and animation. He has a grip on metamorphosing his ideas near to factual visualization. For execution, he manages projects from initiation to closing and eager to make every project a persona of architecture in terms of design and quality.

Fahad Afzal

Digital Marketing Manager

Abdul Rehman

site supervisor

Completed DAE from STEPS college with experience 03 yrs. He is dedicated, hardworking, and very supportive to peers and clients. Professionally manages sites and knows how to overlap schedule to complete the project within the specified budget and time.

Amna Khalid

Interior designer

Completed a BSc in Architectural Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in 2018. She has expertise in 3D modeling and interior with a strong grip on sketch up and v-ray. She can easily convert her client’s ideas into practice and creates a marvel look. She has fervor and warmth towards her occupation.


site supervisor

He is a senior site supervisor with experience of 05 yrs. He has expertise in managing sites and purchasing site materials within fixed budget and time. Due to his high experience his work is upto the mark and has done plethora of projects completely satisfying clients.

Engr. Muhammad Mujahid Amin

Civil engineer

Completed Bsc Civil engineering from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan in  2013 with experience of 05 years. He has expertise in integrating architecture with services. Manages sites professionally, understands the execution operational, and delicately fathom the matters on site, knows to grasp all the activities on-site within a given budget and time. He has a strong relationship in-market to purchase materials and knows the assets and liabilities of purchasing during the execution of projects.

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